Process of gold mining
Transportation & Gold Washing
1. Transportation: Raw material is transported to the drag.
2. Gold washing: Raw material is put on the drag with rugs, water is added, big stones are filtered out, the gold-containing mud is directed to the rugs. Gold is caught in the rugs, mud is washed out.
Gold concentration
1. Shaking out the rugs. The rugs are taken off the drag and shaken over a basin. The gold-containing sand is washed and gathered in a barrel.
2. Quicksiver is added to the gold-containing sand in the barrel to extract the gold.
3. The contents of the barrel is mixed by naked legs.
4. Gold-amalgam ball (gold+quicksilver) is taken out of the barrel
Gold purification
1.-2. Heating the gold-amalgam: Gold-amalgam is wrapped in a newspaper, put into a retort and heated.
3. After heating the gold is left with 5-10% quicksilver and needs further heating with a gas-burner.
4.-5. Pure gold is weighed.
Sales chain
1. Gold is sold to the mediator («acopiador»).
2. The mediator sells the gold to the refinery, where the purity of 99,999% is achieved.
3. From the refinery 59% of gold goes to jewellery, 20% to investors, 11% to technology sector and 10% to central banks.
4. Gold reaches consumers.
5. Gold is recycled and can be used again for new purposes.
Infographics © Aline Krauer
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