Quickgold book — coming soon, we keep you updated
"Quickgold" is a story about the origin of gold as a symbol of wealth and its connection to human labor, condition and identity. It is based on daily life of people involved in gold mining and processing in Peruvian jungle in Madre de Dios province.

The word "quickgold" is a derivative from "quicksilver", or mercury, used in gold processing. "Quickgold" project united a Russian photographer Andrey Gordasevich and a Swiss sociologist Nils Krauer.

Although "Quickgold" has territorial links to Madre de Dios, we believe this story of ordinary and surreal, simplicity and sophistication, tradition and change, temporary and permanent has a wider meaning. As Julio del Valle wrote about it, "The photos do not reflect the objective reality, the texts do not describe the environment. ...The photographer is only an envelope for the eye watching."
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